Patricio Ferrari

Patricio Ferrari

Patricio Ferrari was born in Argentina and has translated Fernando Pessoa, António Osório, and Laynie Browne. A polyglot, his work as a poet, editor, and translator bridges a life between languages. He edited two journals in the U.S. on Pessoa and published eight editions of Pessoa’s works including the first critical edition of his Poèmes Français [French Poems] (Paris, Editions de la Différence, 2014) and Teatro Estático [Static Theater] (Tinta da china, 2017). Ferrari resides in New York City and teaches at Rutgers University, while pursuing an on-going collaboration with the Endangered Language Alliance, the only non-profit organization focused on the linguistic diversity of urban areas throughout the world.

The Galloping Hour

Poetry by Alejandra Pizarnik

Translated from the French by Patricio Ferrari Forrest Gander

Edited by Patricio Ferrari

The Galloping Hour: French Poems—never before rendered in English and unpublished during her lifetime—gathers for the first time all the poems that Alejandra Pizarnik (revered by Octavio Paz and Roberto Bolaño) wrote in French. Conceived during her Paris sojourn (1960–1964) and in Buenos Aires (1970–1971) near the end of her tragically short life, these poems explore many of Pizarnik’s deepest obsessions: the limitations of language, silence, the body, night, sex, and the nature of intimacy.…
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