General & Editorial

Our offices are located at:

New Directions Publishing 80 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10011

Or email us at

Unfortunately, we cannot forward email to authors, nor can we give out authors’ email or postal addresses. However, you can always contact New Directions authors by mailing a letter to [Author’s Name] c/o New Directions at the address given above.

*You must include the words “New Directions” in the subject line of your email. Emails that do not include these words in the subject line may be blocked by our junk mail filters.


Our Policy Regarding Unsolicited Manuscripts:

New Directions can no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts. We simply do not have the resources to properly assess the enormous amount of work submitted to us. New Directions is understaffed and we need all our resources to continue to publish books. We wish we could manage to read all the unsolicited manuscripts with the care that they deserve, but we cannot. We will make an effort to answer all brief queries, but please bear with us as we try to respond.


To request advance or review copies of any of our titles, please include your affiliation and provide online links to your work (if available). We try to fulfill these requests as quickly as possible, and will let you know if we have any questions.

All media inquiries should also be made through our publicity department.

Our publicity director, Mieke Chew, can be reached at


New Directions’ books are distributed by WW Norton & Company. Please contact Norton directly for all orders.

U.S. Booksellers: To set up an account, please contact the W.W. Norton warehouse at 1800-233-4830.

International Booksellers: Please refer to W.W.Norton’s list of international representatives.

Independent bookstores can contact New Directions directly. Please write to Mieke Chew at


All material published by New Directions Publishing is protected under copyright law. Written permission is required if you wish to reproduce any material.

Requests must include all relevant information for the selection: book title, author, page number(s), title of poem or chapter (if relevant). We will also need information on your planned publication: the title, author or editor, publisher, proposed publication date, price, the edition’s print run, the territories in which you plan to sell your book, and a return mailing address. You may include other information as you see fit.

It will take approximately two months to receive a response to your request. We ask that you submit your request as early in your editorial process as possible. We prefer requests to be emailed. Each request is evaluated on an individual basis. In most cases, a permission fee will be charged.

Please submit your permissions inquiries to:

Desk & Examination Copies

When requesting a desk copy please submit — from an official university email account, and in the body of the email — the name of the professor, course name, and expected enrollment, as well as the title, author, and 13-digit ISBN of book you would like a copy of. Allow up to three weeks for these requests to be processed. No attachments, please.

Please submit your requests to

  • Desk Copies CANNOT be sent directly to a professor’s home.


There are currently no open positions at New Directions.


New Directions offers part-time internships in our Manhattan office. Internships last three to five months and require a two day per week commitment. We accept applications for the spring term (January-May) in November, for the summer term (June-July) in April, and the autumn term (September-December) in July. In your cover letter please clearly indicate your desired start date. The internship pays $25 per day for lunch and daily travel expenses.

Duties consist primarily of office work: answering phones, sorting and sending mail, copying, filing, and organizing. On occasion, some editorial and publicity work may be involved, but applicants should bear in mind that most of the chores tend to the clerical. Previous office experience is preferred but not mandatory.

To apply: Send a cover letter stating your interest in New Directions, along with your resume, to No phone calls, please.