New Classics Club

One year, twelve books chosen by our editors

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Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming Baron Bagge I Served the King of England
Two Barons and a King

Two barons and a king walk into a bar...

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The Condition of Secrecy The Nick of Time Bloom & Other Poems
Living Legends

Poetry and Essay

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Angels & Saints My Pinup These Possible Lives
Lives, in Brief

Saints, angels, Keats, De Quincey, Schwob, and Prince

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Counternarratives Annotations
For the Love of John Keene

Novels and short stories from the 2022 National Book Award winner for poetry

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The Museum of Unconditional Surrender Lucky Breaks Alindarka’s Children
Fiction from Eastern Europe

The past is never past

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No Longer Human The Setting Sun
Essential Dazai

Cult Japanese Fiction

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Investigations of a Dog & Other Creatures The Bridegroom Was a Dog Dog Symphony Dog Poems

Four books of best buds and noble beasts

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The Guest Cat A Cat, A Man, and Two Women All My Cats Cat Poems

Four books of fur potatoes and elegant weirdos

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Works and Days A Bernadette Mayer Reader Milkweed Smithereens
Be strong Bernadette

Three classics from the late, beloved Bernadette Mayer

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New Directions Anniversary Tote

Limited Edition Tote

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Cold Enough For Snow Scattered All Over the Earth Lucky Breaks Paradais The Wall Chinatown Kick the Latch
New Yorker Notables

Seven books, $85, the toast of the town

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Nazi Literature in the Americas Toño the Infallible Nostalgia I Am the Brother of XX Lightning Rods Nightwood

Spooky bundle

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Baron Bagge Stranger to the Moon Scattered All Over the Earth The Emissary Conversation of the Three Wayfarers Sevastopol A Shock Double Trio A Treatise on Stars Counternarratives The World Goes On Visitation The Besieged City On the Edge Voices in the Evening Oreo Trilogy The Cantos Of Ezra Pound Paterson Alphabet My Floating Mother, City Woolgathering Dog Poems The Hölderliniae Twice Alive Little Elegies for Sister Satan Black Earth How to Start Writing (and When to Stop) H of H Playbook Cremation In Memory of Memory The Nick of Time Personhood A Child’s Christmas in Wales Envelope Poems The German Lesson The Night Before Christmas On Booze Cat Poems On Haiku
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Facing the Bridge The Naked Eye Where Europe Begins
Early Yoko

Three Cheers (three books)!

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Garden Physic Refractive Africa Cicada Let Us Believe in the Beginning of the Cold Season It Must Be a Misunderstanding A Fierce Green Place
New Poetry!

Six books, $80, no poetic license necessary

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The Shadow of the Coachman's Body Novel on Yellow Paper The Beginners A Shock Paradais The Wall
New Fiction!

Six books, $80, the freshest fiction

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Personhood Yesterday Scattered All Over the Earth Novel 11, Book 18 Conversation of the Three Wayfarers Night Train
New Classics Club Sampler

Six books, $80, sample a subscription

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The Colossus Of Maroussi The Skating Rink Investigations of a Dog & Other Creatures The Dry Heart The Factory An Apprenticeship or The Book of Pleasures
Tasty Beach Reads

Six books, $80, sand optional

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Indian Nocturne Middle Passages Laughter in the Dark The Gift Journey to the End of the Night In Dreams Begin Responsibilities & Other Stories
Deep Cuts

Six books, $80, best of the backlist

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Letters to His Neighbor Confessions Of A Mask Box Hill Annotations The Bachelors Hard Candy Nightwood Oreo
Go Gaily Forward

Eight books, $90, bursting with pride

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An Empty Room The Naked Eye The Factory Harbart Autobiography of Death Crossings City Gate, Open Up Beauty Is a Wound
Asia Trip

Seven countries, eight books, $90

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The Hundred Days Love In Vain Little Labors French Love Poems Love Is Like Park Avenue

Five books to warm your cold dead heart

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Party In The Blitz A Cup of Rage The Bachelors The Skating Rink The Dry Heart

Celebrate the lump of coal in your chest

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Adventures in Immediate Irreality The Blue Flowers Count Luna The Green Child The Fool and Other Moral Tales Mac's Problem The Fox and Dr. Shimamura Mrs. Caliban
Strange Escapes

Eight books, $90, infinite worlds

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The Marvellous Equations of the Dread The Last Samurai Counternarratives
The New New Canon

Marcia Douglas, Helen DeWitt, John Keene

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Toddler Hunting and Other Stories Devils in Daylight Dandelions
Japanese Masters

Kono Taeko, Junichiro Tanizaki, Yasunari Kawabata

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Tales of Desire Now the Cats with Jeweled Claws Moise and the World of Reason
Three from Tennessee

I <3 TW

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