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One year, twelve books chosen by our editors

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ND Poetry Club

One year, six books chosen by our editors

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Two Barons and a King

Two barons and a king walk into a bar…

Living Legends

Poetry and Essay

Lives, in Brief

Saints, angels, Keats, De Quincey, Schwob, and Prince

For the Love of John Keene

Novels and short stories from the 2022 National Book Award winner for poetry

Fiction from Eastern Europe

The past is never past

Essential Dazai

Cult Japanese Fiction


Four books of best buds and noble beasts


Four books of fur potatoes and elegant weirdos

Be strong Bernadette

Three classics from the late, beloved Bernadette Mayer

New Directions Anniversary Tote

Limited Edition Tote

New Yorker Notables

Seven books, $85, the toast of the town


Spooky bundle

Early Yoko

Three Cheers (three books)!

New Poetry!

Six books, $80, no poetic license necessary

New Fiction!

Six books, $80, the freshest fiction

New Classics Club Sampler

Six books, $80, sample a subscription

Tasty Beach Reads

Six books, $80, sand optional

Deep Cuts

Six books, $80, best of the backlist

Go Gaily Forward

Eight books, $90, bursting with pride

Asia Trip

Seven countries, eight books, $90


Five books to warm your cold dead heart


Celebrate the lump of coal in your chest

Strange Escapes

Eight books, $90, infinite worlds

The New New Canon

Marcia Douglas, Helen DeWitt, John Keene

Japanese Masters

Kono Taeko, Junichiro Tanizaki, Yasunari Kawabata

Three from Tennessee

I <3 TW