New Classics Club

One year, twelve books chosen by our editors

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Malina Happiness, as Such EEG

Daša Drndić, Natalia Ginzburg, Ingeborg Bachmann

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Toddler Hunting and Other Stories Devils in Daylight Dandelions
Japanese Masters

Kono Taeko, Junichiro Tanizaki, Yasunari Kawabata

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The Houseguest The Besieged City I Didn't Talk
Latin American Women

Amparo Dávila, Clarice Lispector, Beatriz Bracher

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New Directions Tote

Limited Edition Tote

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Who Killed My Father On the Edge The Beekeeper
The Center Cannot Hold

Édouard Louis, Rafael Chirbes, Dunya Mikhail

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A Little Ramble Microscripts Looking at Pictures
The Illuminated Walser

A Little Ramble, Microscripts, A Little Ramble

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The Marvellous Equations of the Dread The Last Samurai Counternarratives
The New New Canon

Marcia Douglas, Helen DeWitt, John Keene

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