Asia Trip

China, Japan, Indonesia, India, Korea—seven books from the world’s largest continent plus one that crosses through Paris to America. The dead speak as many languages as the living in these eight bold, transfiguring reads that run from the ghostly comedic to the Deneuvian cinematic, and on through old Beijing into a solitary temple room and an encounter with the Washer Lizards.

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Asia Trip includes:

Beauty Is a Wound, Eka Kurniawan
City Gate, Open Up, Bei Dao
Crossings, Chuang Hua
Autobiography of Death, Kim Hyesoon
Harbart, Nabarun Bhattacharya
The Factory, Hiroko Oyamada
The Naked Eye, Yoko Tawada
An Empty Room, Mu Xin

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An Empty Room A dazzling cycle of short stories by one of China’s most revered contemporary writers and one of the world’s leading artist-intellectuals.
The Naked Eye Yoko Tawada’s first novel in English: a suspenseful tale of abduction, obsession, and lost identity that spans Vietnam, East Berlin, West German, Paris – and fantasies of Catherine Deneuve.
The Factory
Harbart The beloved cult novel—about a young man who
makes a business of relaying messages from the
dead—now in a sparkling English translation.
Autobiography of Death Winner of the International Griffin Poetry Prize and the Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize
Crossings A powerful story of one woman’s displacement between cultures and traditions – a landmark in Asian-American literature.
City Gate, Open Up A magical, impressionistic autobiography by China’s legendary poet Bei Dao
Beauty Is a Wound The English-language debut of Indonesia’s rising star