Barbara Epler

joined New Directions as an editorial assistant after graduating from college in 1984. She became editor in chief in 1995; named Publisher in 2008, and in 2011 became president.

Laurie Callahan

is executive vice president.

Declan Spring

is vice president, senior editor, and director of foreign rights. He has been working at New Directions since 1991.

Erik Rieselbach

is the art director and production manager of New Directions.

Jeffrey Yang

works as an editor at New Directions. He has been with the press since 2000.

Jacqui Barrington

(they/them) is the Business and Subvention Manager at New Directions.

Tynan Kogane

is an editor at New Directions. He was raised in Seattle and graduated from the New School.

Mieke Chew

is co-director of publicity. She grew up in Australia, where she founded Higher Arc magazine in 2011.

Chris Wait

is director of subrights, permissions, and digital editions at New Directions. After graduating from Vassar College, he lived in Argentina, Japan, Mexico and Turkey before settling in New York.

Brittany Dennison

is co-director of publicity.