New Poetry!

Six books, $80, no poetic license necessary

New Poetry!

Six poetry highlights from the past year: Jamaica, Mexico, Iran, and Greece; Alzheimers, historic gardens, and eco-poetics—these are poems of lyric beauty, emotional heft, and virtuosic imaginative power.

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Our Poetry Sampler includes:

A Fierce Green Place, Pamela Mordecai
It Must Be a Misunderstanding, Coral Bracho
Let Us Believe in the Beginning of the Cold Season, Forough Farrokhzad
Cicada, Phoebe Giannisi
Refractive Africa, Will Alexander
Garden Physic, Sylvia Legris

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cover image of the book Garden Physic

A musical celebration of the garden, from chaff to grass, and all of its lowly weeds, herbs, and creatures

cover image of the book Refractive Africa

Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize
Winner of the California Book Award
Three kinetically distilled long poems by the singular American poet who “transfigures ‘thought’ into a weave of lexical magic” (Philip Lamantia)

cover image of the book Cicada

The celebrated Greek poet Phoebe Giannisi explores connections between language, life, and the natural world

cover image of the book Let Us Believe in the Beginning of the Cold Season

A ravishing new translation of Iran’s trailblazing, feminist poet in an indispensable collection

cover image of the book It Must Be a Misunderstanding

A heartbreaking, unforgettable collection by the great Mexican poet Coral Bracho about her mother’s Alzheimer’s, exquisitely translated by the Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Forrest Gander

cover image of the book A Fierce Green Place

A fearless collection by a trailblazing writer whose poems “represent the people, culture, and topography of the Caribbean in multidimensional, complex ways” (Tanya Shirley)