New Fiction!

Six fiction highlights from the past year. In these novels (feminist masterpieces, plot twisting page-turners, allegories and labyrinths) we’re trapped: by narco-traffickers, behind a wall, in a suddenly-not-enough marriage, by thwarted ambition, and inside a boarding house. Fun!

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Our Fiction Sampler includes:

The Wall, Marlen Haushofer
Paradais, Fernanda Melchor
A Shock, Keith Ridgway
The Beginners, Anne Serre
Novel on Yellow Paper, Stevie Smith
The Shadow of the Coachman’s Body, Peter Weiss

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The Shadow of the Coachman's Body A meticulously observed and macabre tale of hell on earth from the revolutionary German author of the famous play Marat/Sade
Novel on Yellow Paper The eccentric landmark novel by the legendary English poet Stevie Smith: “a rare bird, a Maltese falcon” (The New Yorker)
The Beginners Quintessential Anne Serre—this restless, prowling novel explores love as a form of greed, and confused need as one shape of bereftness
A Shock Ever since Keith Ridgway published his landmark cult novel Hawthorn & Child, his ardent fans have yearned for more
Paradais Author of the acclaimed novel Hurricane Season, Fernanda Melchor leads us into a different kind of hell: paradise
The Wall A haunting feminist sci-fi masterpiece and international bestseller that is “as absorbing as Robinson Crusoe” (Doris Lessing)