As searing as Rilke or Mandelstam.
The New York Times

A companion volume to Fernando Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet and The Complete Works of Alberto Caeiro

Available July 4, 2023

The Complete Works of Álvaro de Campos

Poetry by Fernando Pessoa

Translated from the Portuguese by Patricio Ferrari Margaret Jull Costa

With a contribution by Antonio Cardiello Jerónimo Pizarro

Cover design by Peter Mendelsund

Álvaro de Campos is one of the most influential heteronyms created by Portugal’s great modernist writer Fernando Pessoa. According to Pessoa, Campos was born in Tavira (Algarve) in 1890 and studied mechanical engineering in Glasgow, although he never managed to complete his degree. In his own day, Campos was celebrated—and slandered—for his vociferous poetry imbued with a Whitman-inspired free verse, his praise of the rise of technology, and his polemical views that appeared in manifestos, interviews, and essays. Here in Margaret Jull Costa and Patricio Ferrari’s translations are the complete poems of Campos. This edition is based on the Portuguese Tinta-da-china edition and includes an illuminating introduction about Campos by the Portuguese editors Jerónimo Pizarro and Antonio Cardiello, facsimiles of original manuscripts, and a generous selection of Campos’s prose texts.

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As searing as Rilke or Mandelstam.
The New York Times
Pessoa’s amazing personality is as beguiling and mysterious as his unique poetic output.
—William Boyd
Arguably, the four greatest poets in the Portuguese language were all Pessoa using different names.