Poetry Pamphlets 1–4

Eliot Weinberger

The first four collections in our revived Poetry Pamphlet series in one package at a bargain price

Poetry Pamphlets 1–4

Poetry by Eliot Weinberger, Lydia Davis, Susan Howe, Sylvia Legris and Bernadette Mayer

New Directions is happy to announce the publication of a new series of Poetry Pamphlets, a reincarnated version of the “Poet of the Month” and “Poets of the Year” series James Laughlin published in the 1940s, which brought out such eclectic hits as William Carlos Williams’s The Broken Span, Delmore Schwartz’s poetic play Shenandoah, John Donne’s Some Poems and a Devotion, and Yvor Winters’s Giant Weapon, among many others. The New Directions Poetry Pamphlets will highlight original work by writers from around the world, as well as forgotten treasures lost in the cracks of literary history.

Included in this set of four are:

Sorting Facts, or Nineteen Ways of Looking at Marker, by Susan Howe

Two American Scenes, by Lydia Davis & Eliot Weinberger

Pneumatic Antiphonal, by Sylvia Legris

The Helens of Troy, New York, by Bernadette Mayer

Paperback(published Mar, 26 2013)

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Portrait of Eliot Weinberger

Eliot Weinberger

American essayist and translator

Portrait of Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis

American translator, novelist, poet, and essayist

Portrait of Susan Howe

Susan Howe

American poet and essayist

Portrait of Sylvia Legris

Sylvia Legris

Canadian poet

Portrait of Bernadette Mayer

Bernadette Mayer

Contemporary American Poet