It is larger than the universe.

The Nation

Limited to 2,000 gorgeous copies, this richly illustrated, extraordinary novella was created in collaboration with the famed painter Max Neumann.


Fiction by László Krasznahorkai

Translated from Hungarian by Ottilie Mulzet

With a contribution by Colm Tóibín

As if some chained being had to shake its essence free, as if art taken to its limit were a form of howling, Animalinside explodes from its first line: “He wants to break free, attempts to stretch open the walls, but he has been tautened by them, and there he remains in this tautening, in this constraint, and there is nothing to do but howl. . . .” To create this work that strains against all constraints, László Krasznahorkai began from one of Max Neumann’s paintings; Neumann, spurred into action, created 14 more images, which unleashed an additional 13 texts from the author. Animalinside is the rare case of two matchless artists meeting across disciplines, and New Directions is very proud to publish a limited edition of this powerful novella, exquisitely produced by Sylph Editions and the Cahiers Series of the American University of Paris with a deluxe seven-stage printing process for the amazing Neumann images.

Clothbound(published Jun, 16 2011)

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It is larger than the universe.

The Nation

Animalinside . . . is a compelling work . . . for its coupling with subtler, finer forces: like to the dainty, “chirruping” little Prince of The Melancholy of Resistance, Krasznahorkai also writes destruction with an extreme affective delicacy, a quaintness, that punches holes

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