Pearls series

A hundred times worth reading.

Penelope Fitzgerald

Marvelous stories by the Irish writer acclaimed by Zadie Smith as idiosyncratic and fascinating

Never Love a Gambler

Fiction by Keith Ridgway

Never Love a Gambler is a showcase for the exceptional talents of Keith Ridgway. The Times (London) praised his stories as “flawlessly structured yarns told in lovingly crafted prose.” Ridgway’s characters negotiate their way through love, madness, lust, anger, religious obsession, crime, and absence in stories told with innovative mastery and brightened by fiercely vivid dialogues. Never Love a Gambler is a mental rust-remover: refreshing, bracing, and often violently funny.

Paperback(published May, 27 2014)

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Ebook(published May, 27 2014)

Portrait of Keith Ridgway

Keith Ridgway

Contemporary Irish writer

A hundred times worth reading.

Penelope Fitzgerald

Beckett-like emptiness that gnaws at the conscience … Ridgway has clearly arrived to trouble our sleep with wit and violence.

Publishers Weekly

Ridgway’s work is a pillar of hurt and intrigue for everyone who likes language, parable, story, world-making, writing.


The keen sense of place and lucid, pared-down prose of a good crime novel, which makes the more outlandish deviations even more arresting.

The Observer