Robin Patterson

Robin Patterson

Robin Patterson has translated works by José Luandino Vieira and José Luís Peixoto. With Margaret Jull Costa he has co-translated Machado de Assis’s Collected Stories and The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas, along with other works. He lives in London.

Too Much of Life

Literature by Clarice Lispector

Translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa Robin Patterson

The things I’ve learned from taxi drivers would be enough to fill a book. They know a lot: they really do get around. I may know a lot about Antonioni that they don’t know. Or maybe they do even when they don’t. There are various ways of knowing by not-knowing. I know: it happens to me too. The crônica, a literary genre peculiar to Brazilian newspapers, allows writers (or even soccer stars) to address a wide readership on any theme they like.…
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