Here is the new Iraqi poetry

—Pierre Joris

A stunning new collection by one of Iraq’s brightest poetic voices

The Iraqi Nights

Poetry by Dunya Mikhail

Translated from the Arabic by Kareem James Abu-Zeid

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Paperback (published May 27, 2014)

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Dunya Mikhail

20th Century Iraqi Poet

Here is the new Iraqi poetry

—Pierre Joris

The poems in this extraordinary collection sway back and forth between America (as a new home) and Baghdad (as a birthplace), between the artifacts of ancient Sumerian civilization and the walls of our modern times. There is no trace of nostalgia in Mikhail’s poetry, though her words feel poignantly real and rare, as if creating a museum of memories.

—Hatem al-Sager, Al-Ittihad

Somewhere between a cutting-edge film and a 1002nd night of storytelling, interspersed with drawings and calligraphy, Dunya Mikhail’s new poems reframe, in a contemporary woman’s voice, the great poet al-Sayab’s cry from the heart: ‘Iraq, Iraq, nothing but Iraq!’ Here, myth alleviates the exile’s longing, and exilic longin itself opens the poet’s eyes to broad horizons.

—Marilyn Hacker

Mikhail’s style maintains an impressive fragility and delicacy of image that touches the reader’s heart…

American Poetry Review