It certainly packs a wallop.

John Dos Passos

One writer’s degrading day job as a lonely hearts advice columnist is only the beginning of his nightmarish existence

Miss Lonelyhearts

Fiction by Nathanael West

With a contribution by Harold Bloom

Praised by great writers from Flannery O’Conner to Jonathan Lethem, Miss Lonelyhearts is an American classic. A newspaper reporter assigned to write the agony column in the depths of the Great Depression seeks respite from the poor souls who send in their sad letters, only to be further tormented by his viciously cynical editor, Shrike. This single volume of Miss Lonelyhearts features its original Alvin Lustig jacket design, as well as a new introduction by Harold Bloom, who calls it “my favorite work of modern American fiction.”

Paperback(published Jul, 17 2013)

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Portrait of Nathanael West

Nathanael West

20th century American author and screenwriter

It certainly packs a wallop.

John Dos Passos

West, a parodist with rancid genius, achieved his masterwork in Miss Lonelyhearts.

Harold Bloom

Miss Lonelyhearts is a primer for Big Bad City disillusionment, unsparing in its portrayal of New York’s debilitating entropy.

Village Voice

The setting, a persuasively scoured and desperate early-’30s Manhattan, is rendered with the scalpel precision that was West’s prose standard.

Jonathan Lethem

In dark times, Miss Lonelyhearts shines the brightest light in the blackest places. For this reason West’s novel has never felt more alive than today.

Nathaniel Rich, The Daily Beast