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Marvellous compressions.

—John Madera, Big Other

Alomar’s English-language poetry collection debut

Fullblood Arabian

Poetry by Osama Alomar

Translated by C. J. Collins

With a contribution by Lydia Davis

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Paperback (published January 27, 2014)

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Osama Alomar

Syrian-American poet and short story writer

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Marvellous compressions.

—John Madera, Big Other

[His stories] convey a raw combination of beauty and resignation, as if the two were created to reside under the same roof, hope and hurt at one …. Alomar is a man of small but universally affecting insights.

The American

The stories’ distinctive flavour comes from Alomar’s masterful shifts of character perspective within extremely tight parameters.…The book is full of these moments which trip you up, swing bluntly from one psyche to another, rapidly decelerate time and play with scale, all of it exposing the delicate balance of our presumptions and allegiances; the small dictatorships that we foster second by second.

—Emma Jacobs, Asymptote Blog

In Alomar’s stories…fantasy never devolves into mere whimsy. His magical imaginative creations are, every one, inspired by his deeply felt philosophical, moral, and political convictions, giving these tales a heartfelt urgency.

—Lydia Davis , *The New Yorker *