Wang An-shih

Wang An-shih

The Late Poems of Wang An-Shih

Poetry by Wang An-shih

Translated by David Hinton

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Wang’s poetry possesses the power to transport the reader to another time and place…

—John Bradley, Rain Taxi

Though some of the 20th century’s finest translator poets have gone before him, David Hinton has managed to find his own way through the rivers and mountains of medieval Chinese verse re-imagining the poems themselves as subtle soundscapes suspended in us. Hinton’s accomplishment is quiet but clear: His translations yield the gentlest pleasure in the mouth when read aloud, echoing that fusion of essence and sense, being and nonbeing that lies at the heart of the understanding from which these poems emerge.

—Judges’ Citation for the PEN Poetry in Translation Award

David Hinton’s music is subtle, modulated, and does not slacken with either contemporary or classic. He has listened to the individual tone of each poet, and his craft is equal to his perception.

—Rosmarie Waldrop, Citation for The Harold Morton Landon Translation Award
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