Victor Meadowcroft: photo by Lauren Ellemore

Victor Meadowcroft

Victor Meadowcroft lives in Brighton, England. He translates from the Spanish and Portuguese.

Stranger to the Moon

Fiction by Evelio Rosero

Translated from the Spanish by Victor Meadowcroft Anne McLean

The renowned Colombian writer Evelio Rosero has never been one to shy away from the darker aspects of his nation’s history and society. His magnificent novel Stranger to the Moon portrays a world that seems to exist outside time and place but taps into the dark myths and collective subconscious of his country, with its harrowing inequality and violence. A parable of pointed social criticism, with naked humans imprisoned in a house in order to serve the needs of “the vicious clothed ones,” the novel describes what ensues when a single “naked one” privately rebels, risking his own death and that of his fellow prisoners.…
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