Liz Werner

Liz Werner is a native New Yorker who has lived and worked in Chile. She is a poet, novelist, and essayist, and translates between English and Spanish.

Antipoems: How To Look Better & Feel Great

by Nicanor Parra

Translated from the Spanish by Liz Werner

“Real seriousness,” Nicanor Parra, the Antipoet of Chile, has said, rests in “the comic.” And read in that light, this newest bilingual collection of his work––the first in twenty years––is very serious indeed. It is an abundant offering of his signature mocking humor, subverting received conventions and pretensions in both poetry and everyday life, public and private, ingeniously and wittily rendered into English in an antitranslation (the word is Parra’s) by Liz Werner.…
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Liz Werner, the ‘antitranslator,’ has done a remarkable job of capturing the profoundly antic and deadly serious tone of Nicanor Parra’s antipoetry.
—Edith Grossman
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