Kyoko Yoshida

Kyoko Yoshida

Kyoko Yoshida

Kyoko Yoshida’s first collection of short stories Disorientalism came out in 2014 from Vagabond Press in Sydney. She was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan, studied in Kyoto, got her Ph.D. in creative writing at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and after 13 years of teaching at Keio University in Tokyo, now teaches American Literature at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.

In 2005, she was a honorary fellow at the International Writing Program at University of Iowa, and in 2006-07, a visiting fellow at the Program for Literary Arts at Brown University.

She translates from and into Japanese: from Japanese, contemporary experimental Japanese poetry and drama; and into Japanese, contemporary fiction. Spectacle & Pigsty: Poetry by Kiwao Nomura (OmniDawn, 2011, with Forrest Gander) won the 2012 Best Translated Book Award in Poetry in the US and the 2012 Toson Memorial Rekitei Award in Japan. Other poets and playwrights she has translated or co-translated include Masataka Matsuda and Shu Matsui. Her translations of fiction include novels by Dave Eggers.

cover image of the book Alice Iris Red Horse

Alice Iris Red Horse

Yoshimasu Gozo’s groundbreaking poetry has spanned over half a century since the publication of his first book, Departure, in 1964. Much of his work is highly unorthodox: it challenges the print medium and language itself, and consequently Alice Iris Red Horse is as much a book on translation as it is a book in translation. Since the late ’60s, Gozo has collaborated with visual artists and free-jazz musicians. In the 1980s he began creating art objects engraved on copper plates and later produced photographs and video works. Alice Iris Red Horse contains translations of Gozo’s major poems, representing his entire career. Also included are illuminating interviews, reproductions of Gozo’s artworks, and photographs of his performances.Translated by Jeffrey Angles, Richard Arno, Forrest Gander, Derek Gromadzki, Sawako Nakayasu, Sayuri Okamoto, Hiroaki Sato, Eric Selland, Auston Stewart, Kyoko Yoshida, and Jordan A. Y. Smith. Introduction and notes by Derek Gromadzki. Edited by Forrest Gander.

Download “A Note on the Notes” and notes on the poems.

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