John Patrick Shanley

American playwright, screenwriter and director

John Patrick Shanley

John Patrick Shanley

John Patrick Shanley is the author of Doubt: A Parable, which won the Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize for best play of 2005, and several screenplays, including Moonstruck, winner of the Academy Award for best original screenplay.

cover image of the book The Rose Tattoo

The Rose Tattoo

by Tennessee Williams

With a contribution by John Patrick Shanley

Larger than life―a fable, a Greek tragedy, a comedy, a melodrama―the Tony Award-winning The Rose Tattoo is a valentine from Tennessee Williams to anyone who has ever been in love. In the midst of her anger and grief over the news that her late husband had been unfaithful, Serafina delle Rosa is courted by a Sicilian truck driver who has the virile body of her husband and the face of a clown—his name, Mangiacavallo, means “eat a horse” in Italian. Teary-eyed, he declares, “I am a human being that drives a truck of bananas.” His clumsy flirting unlocks Serafina’s fiery passion, wit, and eventually, her capacious love.

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