Irving Howe

Irving Howe (1920–1993) was an American literary and social critic. A prominent voice among the New York Intellectuals, he wrote essays and criticism for Partisan Review, the Nation, Commentary and Politics. From its inception in 1954 until his death 1993, Howe edited the political magazine Dissent. In 1976 he won a National Book Award for his history of East European Jews in America, World of our Fathers.

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Fiction by Delmore Schwartz

With a contribution by Irving Howe

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities and Other Stories collects eight of Schwartz’s finest delineations of New York intellectuals in the 1930s and 1940s. As no other writer, he captures the speech, the generational conflicts, the mocking self-analysis of educated, ambitious, Depression-stymied young people at odds with their immigrant parents. This is the unique American dilemma Irving Howe describes in his penetrating, loving foreword as “that interesting point where intellectual children of immigrant Jews are finding their way into the larger world while casting uneasy, rueful glances over their backs.…
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