Delmore Schwartz

Once and For All: The Best of Delmore Schwartz

Fiction by Delmore Schwartz

Edited by Craig Morgan Teicher

With a contribution by Craig Morgan Teicher John Ashbery

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Screeno: Stories & Poems

Fiction by Delmore Schwartz

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Last And Lost Poems

Poetry by Delmore Schwartz

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The Ego Is Always At The Wheel

Nonfiction by Delmore Schwartz

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In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Fiction by Delmore Schwartz

With a contribution by Irving Howe

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Summer Knowledge

Poetry by Delmore Schwartz

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One of the young princes of American literature in the middle of the 20th century.

National Post

[V]ivid details of lived experience are thrust throughout Schwartz’s writing. Readers are left reeling among elemental features of the world, physical and immediate yet drenched as well with historical and literary ambience.

—Patrick James Dunagan, Rain Taxi

For Schwartz poetry was ongoing and unstoppable, a process as compulsive and endless as the mariner’s telling of his tale.

—Mark Ford, Times Literary Supplement

Once and for All serves as an ideal introduction for the curious reader.

—Adam Kirsch, Tablet

This new collection of Delmore Schwartz’s work reads like a literary “CV of Failures,” a powerful testament to a life shaken by the Great Depression. As we navigate the long road to national recovery, we can use his writing both as a mirror and as a compass.

—Jason Boog, The Los Angeles Review of Books

Once and For All is the latest and most comprehensive collection of his work to date and the volume takes on a very valuable task: it attempts to give Schwartz’s provocative and multifaceted literary legacy its long-deserved due.

—Matt Hanson, The Arts Fuse

This richly illuminating collection should help secure Schwartz the renewed appreciation he deserves.

—Donna Seaman, Booklist

This is a consistently intriguing volume that devotees and neophytes will want on their shelf.

Publishers Weekly

Delmore’s genius survives in the sound of his words, in his hypnotizing lines.

—Jonathan Galassi, The New York Review of Books

The greatest man I ever met… [His] titles were more than enough to raise the muse of fire on my neck.

—Lou Reed
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