Deborah Woodard

Portrait of Deborah WoodardDeborah Woodard

Deborah Woodard

Deborah Woodard is a poet and translator living in Seattle.

cover image of the book Hospital Series

Hospital Series

Hospital Series, a bruisingly intimate colloquy with an elusive lover, is Italian poet Amelia Rosselli’s virtuoso, subversive, neo-Petrarchan sequence of poems. Rosselli wrote much of the series in the mid 1960s after being hospitalized for a mental illness she suffered from for most of her life, and whose pain shapes her language and difficult vision. These explosive poems, a furious cacophonic crescendo of semantic and syntactic accumulations deeply admired by Pier Paolo Pasolini, place Rosselli among the greatest writers of her generation.

Translated by Roberta Antognini, Giuseppe Leporace and Deborah Woodard

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