Daša Drndić

Daša Drndić

Daša Drndić (1946-2018) wrote Trieste—”a masterpiece” (Financial Times)— shortlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, and Belladonna—”one of the strangest and strongest books” (TLS)— shortlisted for the EBRD Literature Prize. She also wrote plays, criticism, radio plays, and documentaries.


Fiction by Daša Drndić

Translated by Celia Hawkesworth

In this masterful final work, Daša Drndic’s combative, probing voice reaches new heights. In her relentless search for truth she delves into the darkest corners of our lives. And as she chastises, she atones. Andreas Ban failed in his suicide attempt. Even as his body falters and his lungs constrict, he taps on the glass of history—an impenetrable case filled with silent figures—and tries to summon those imprisoned within. Mercilessly, fearlessly, he continues to dissect society and his environment, shunning all favors as he goes after evil and the hidden secrets of others.…
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Fiction by Daša Drndić

Translated from the Croatian by Celia Hawkesworth

Belladonna: also known as deadly nightshade, devil’s berries, death cherries, beautiful death, devil’s herb, which sounds terrifying and threatening. Belladonna also carried a tamer name, dog’s cherry, and an almost magical one, fairy plant. Andreas Ban, a psychologist who no longer psychologizes, a a writer who no longer writes, lives alone in a coastal town in Croatia. His body is failing him. He sifts through the remnants of his life—his research, books, medical records, photographs—remembering old lovers and friends, the tragedies of WWII, the breakup of Yugoslavia.…
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Daša Drndić was incapable of writing a sentence that was not forceful, fierce or funny–or all three simultaneously.

The Guardian

Drndić has in her own way composed an astonishment that extracts light from darkness.

The Jewish Daily Forward

Drndić is writing to witness and to make the pain stick. Even at their most lurid, her sentences remain coldly dignified.

New York Times Book Review
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