Christine Wunnicke

Christine Wunnicke

CHRISTINE WUNNICKE lives in Munich, Germany. She has published four award- winning novels, a biography, and several translations.

The Fox and Dr. Shimamura

Fiction by Christine Wunnicke

Translated by Philip Boehm

The Fox and Dr. Shimamura toothsomely encompasses Japan and Europe, memory and actuality, fox-possession myths and psychiatric mythmaking. The novel begins near the story’s end, in Dr. Shimamura’s retirement. A feverish invalid, he’s watched over by four women: his wife, his mother, his mother-in- law, and a nurse (originally one of his psychiatric patients). His mother is busily writing and rewriting his biography, Between Genius and Madness. As an outstanding young Japanese medical student at the end of the nineteenth century, Dr.…
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