C.K. Scott-Moncrieff

C.K. Scott-Moncrieff

C.K. Scott-Moncrieff (1889–1930) was a Scottish-born writer and translator. He is best known for his translation of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past.

Three Italian Chronicles

by Stendhal

Translated from the French by C.K. Scott-Moncrieff

Italian passion––”the passion that seeks its own satisfaction, and not to give one’s neighbor an enhanced idea of oneself”––is the life-blood of Stendhal’s Three Italian Chronicles. Gathered here are three long-out-of-print stories animated by life-and-death romances and sensational crimes. “The Cenci” and “The Abbess of Castro,” set in a brazen Renaissance, are the author’s versions of two antique chronicles he discovered in Italian libraries: “Vanina Vanini” is a Roman tale of the 1820s.…
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