Anne Serre

Anne Serre

The author of fourteen books, Anne Serre was born in 1960. Her first novel, Les Gouvernantes, was published in 1992 and praised by La Croix for its “remarkable economy of style.”

The Governesses

Fiction by Anne Serre

Translated by Mark Hutchinson

In a large country house shut off from the world by a gated garden, three young governesses responsible for the education of a group of little boys are preparing a party. The governesses, however, seem to spend more time running around in a state of frenzied desire than attending to the children’s education. One of their main activities is lying in wait for any passing stranger, and then throwing themselves on him like drunken Maenads.…
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Each sentence evokes a dream logic both languid and circuitous as the governesses move through a fever of domesticity and sexual abandon. A sensualist, surrealist romp.

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