With Eyes At The Back Of Our Heads

Poetry by Denise Levertov

Miss Levertov’s third book of poetry, With Eyes at the Back of Our Heads, is now reissued as a paperbook. M. L. Rosenthal said of it, “She gives it’s a world of awakened, contemplated selfhood,” and Donald Hall: “She handles the movement of free verse with consistent brilliance.” The collection opens with a translation from an ancient Toltec Codex, a poem on The Artist. “The true artist,’’ wrote the Toltec poet, ’’maintains dialogue with his heart, meets things with his mind.’’ Heart and mind are wonderfully evident in Denise Levertov’s poems––heart in the intensity of feeling, mind in the vigor and clarity of her statements. Sensitivity… delicacy without softness… a kind of imagination which eliminates all but the essence… a metric which conceals the strict discipline which gives it its grace––these are a few of the qualities that distinguish the work of Denise Levertov and make her one of the most impressive among the younger poets writing today.

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Paperback (published January 1, 1959)


Denise Levertov

Poet and political activist