A dark and moving examination of one man’s derailed life, by the Norwegian master who is “without question, Norway’s bravest, most intelligent novelist” (Per Petterson)

Available July 30, 2019

Professor Andersen's Night

Fiction by Dag Solstad

Translated by

In this existential murder mystery, it is Christmas Eve, and fifty-five-year-old professor Pål Andersen is alone, drinking coffee and cognac in his living room. Lost in thought, he looks out of the window and sees a man strangle a woman in the apartment across the street. Failing to report the murder, he becomes paralyzed by indecision. Professor Andersen’s Night is an unsettling yet highly entertaining novel, written in Dag Solstad’s signature concise, dark, and witty prose. “He’s a kind of surrealistic writer of very strange novels,” Huraki Murakami wrote, “I think he is serious literature”.

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Paperback (published July 30, 2019)

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Dag Solstad

Norwegian writer