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Patriotism is my favorite story.

Yukio Mishima

One of the most powerful short stories ever written: Yukio Mishima’s masterpiece about the erotics of patriotism and honor, love and suicide


by Yukio Mishima

Translated from Japanese by Geoffrey W. Sargent

By now, Yukio Mishima’s (1925-1970) dramatic demise through an act of seppuku after an inflammatory public speech has become the stuff of literary legend. With Patriotism, Mishima was able to give his heartwrenching patriotic idealism an immortal vessel. Shinji Takeyama, a lieutenant in the Japanese army, comes home to his wife and informs her that his closest friends have become mutineers. Torn between his allegiances to the Emperor and his rebellious friends, Shinji and his beautiful, loyal wife Reiko decide to end their lives together. With an incredible eye for detail, Mishima describes Shinji and Reiko making love for the last time and the ritual suicide by seppuku that follows.

Paperback(published Feb, 01 2010)

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Portrait of Yukio Mishima

Yukio Mishima

20th Century Japanese novelist and playwright

Patriotism is my favorite story.

Yukio Mishima

A palpable energy of brilliance and wit.

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