New Poems of Kenneth Rexroth

Poetry by Kenneth Rexroth

“In his poetry,” writes critic Morgan Gibson of Kenneth Rexroth, “he attains––not by ego or will, but through the grace of imagination––communion with nature and those he loves; and, in a transcendent community of love, he discovers himself as being responsible for all.” This sense of what is universal, his prophetic embrace of all being and beings, is the moving spirit in New Poems, Rexroth’s first major collection since Love and the Turning Year: One Hundred More Poems from the Chinese (1970). These ninety-one pieces––original poems, adaptations, and translations––include much previously unpublished work, as well as Sky Sea Birds Trees Earth House Beasts Flowers, brought out in a limited edition by Unicorn Press. Rendered from the Chinese, some in collaboration with Ling Chung, are poems from the classic writers and three by Rexroth himself. Translations from the Japanese focus on the short, sensual poems of the contemporary woman poet Marichiko, who takes her pen name from Marichi, the Hindu goddess of the dawn. New Poems is but the latest display of the broad, striking range of Rexroth’s poetic powers.

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Paperback (published June 1, 1974)


Kenneth Rexroth

20th Century American poet, essayist, and translator.