New Directions 55

Fiction by David Antin

David Antin: Writing and Exile, E. M. Beekman: The Last of the Maidu, Marcel Cohen: The Peacock Emperor Moth, Martha Collins: Owl, George Evans: Five Poems, James B. Hall: The War in the Forest, Helena Kaminski: Four Poems, James Laughlin: The Man in the Wall, Bernadette Mayer: Three Poems, Jay Meek: Two Prose-poems, Douglas Messerli: Entr’acte: Twelve Tyrants Between Acts, Eileen Myles: Bleeding Hearts, Alice Notley: From an Untitled Long Poem, Josip Novakovich: In the Same Boat, Fiona Pitt-Kethley: Six Poems, Murray Pomerance: _I_mbroglio, Peter Porter: Three Poems, Anthony Robbins: Three Poems, Edouard Roditi: Four Meditations, Henry H. Roth: Style, John A. Scott: The Apology, Enid Shomer: Street Sign, Kazuko Shiraishi: Seven Happy Cats, Charles Simic: Love Worker, Sergei Task: Study in Jealousy, Anne Waldman: IOVIS OMNIA PLENA, Cynthia Zarin: General Lasalle’s Last Horse and Other Stories

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David Antin

Contemporary American poet and critic