A brilliant and singularly gruesome achievement.
—Evelyn Waugh

Poignant, hilarious, and spooky, Memento Mori addresses old age

Memento Mori

Fiction by Muriel Spark

In late 1950s London, something uncanny besets a group of elderly friends: an insinuating voice on the telephone reminds each: Remember you must die. Their geriatric feathers are soon thoroughly ruffled, and many an old unsavory secret is dusted off.

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Muriel Spark

20th century Scottish novelist, poet and essayist

A brilliant and singularly gruesome achievement.
—Evelyn Waugh
This funny and macabre book has delighted me as much as any novel that I have read since the war.
—Graham Greene
Acidly funny: a marvelously crafted, tautly written novel.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Her best, I think, is Memento Mori, which is chillingly brilliant.
—Tennessee Williams
Spark’s greatest achievement.
A jewel of a book.
There is a Waugh-like brilliance to Memento Mori, in the easy economical narrative, the continuous invention producing a series of surprises, the well-cut dialogue, the controlled tone. This last is the most remarkable of Miss Spark’s achievements. Nothing is forced, least of all the humor.
—V.S. Naipaul