The central work by the world-famous Chuvashian who writes with an imagistic compression and real time candor that is utterly unique (Publishers Weekly).

Field Russia

by Gennady Aygi

Translated from Russian by Peter France

Lifelong Aygi translator and friend Peter France wrote in The Guardian: “Aygi wrote from a deep awareness of the losses and destructions of the 20th century.” Field-Russia is a book of poems arranged shortly before Aygi’s death, which in his view occupied a central place in his work. The collection opens with an informal conversation about poetry, and is followed by a series of little lyric “books”—Field-Russia, Time of the Ravines, and Final Departure—that form a part of Aygi’s “life-book.” Like Ahkmatova and Celan before him, Aygi has left us with these most necessary words to dwell in—a quiet, spiritual poetry in a time of uprootedness and despair.

Paperback(published Oct, 01 2007)

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Portrait of Gennady Aygi

Gennady Aygi

20th century poet and translator of both Russian and Chuvash