… exquisite bite-size maps of moments.
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Fiction by John Scott

In John A. Scott’s hilarious and oddly touching novel, Blair, we meet a memorable hero, one Eric Blair—English professor, accidental wit, bumbling would-be lover, consummate shambler, His jacket sports a carnation of food stains on his lapel, the lining long since descended in the manner of a loose petticoat; his trousers shine with dangerous neglect. Having permanently misplaced his wife in the general disorder of his life, Blair is now in stumbling pursuit of the beauteous Julia. Not since Monty Python featured a group of Aussie philosophy profs swilling Foster’s and singing “Immanuel Kant is a real pissant” has academic life down under been so deftly skewered. Blair is the first novel written by the prize-winning Australian poet. Formerly television comedy writer, Mr. Scott now lectures in media and resides in Melbourne.

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John Scott

Contemporary English-Australian poet

… exquisite bite-size maps of moments.
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