Once you’ve started reading Aira, you don’t want to stop.
—Roberto Bolaño

One man’s obsession with Artforum magazine takes us on a hilarious journey to the ultimate meaning of the very creation of art

Available March 31, 2020


Fiction by César Aira

Translated from the Spanish by Katherine Silver

Artforum is certainly one of César Aira's most charming, quirky, and funny books to date. Consisting of a series of interrelated stories about his compulsion to collect Artforum magazines, this is not about art so much as it is about passionate obsession.

At first we follow our hapless collector from magazine shops to used bookstores hunting for copies of Artforum. A friend alerts him to a copy somewhere and he obsesses about actually going to get it—will the shop be open, will the copy already be sold? Finally he takes out a subscription, but then it never comes, so he hounds the mailman. There's the day his stash of Artforums gets rained on, but only one absorbs the water. And interspersed is a wacky chapter about the mystery of the broken clothespins. “How weird.” “How crazy.”

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Paperback (published March 31, 2020)

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César Aira

Argentine author

Once you’ve started reading Aira, you don’t want to stop.
—Roberto Bolaño
His novels are eccentric clones of reality, where the lights are brighter, the picture is sharper and everything happens at the speed of thought…. You don’t know where you are or what you are looking at, but the air is full of electricity.
The Millions
César Aira is an exquisite miniaturist who toys with avant-garde techniques.
The Wall Street Journal
Aira’s cubist eye sees from every angle.
—Patti Smith, New York Times Book Review
I can think of no other writer as concerned with formal and thematic questions of pace (not of time, but of the various speeds at which we feel time pacing): not only are the individual books quick-moving, but he’s published over a hundred of them, with no signs of slowing down.
—Steven Zultanski, Frieze