William Cookson

cover image of the book Selected Prose 1909-1965

Selected Prose 1909-1965

by Ezra Pound

Translated by William Cookson

With a contribution by Ezra Pound

’In making this selection,’’ writes William Cookson in his introduction to this paperbook edition of early and out-of-print writings, ’’my aim has been to show the unity of Ezra Pound’s concerns.’’ The sixty-six pieces in Pound’s Selected Prose 1909-1965 are arranged thematically, and while they are organized chronologically within several groupings, there are natural cross-currents of thoughts among them. Particular emphasis, however, is given to the articles concerned with ’’Civilisation, Money and History.’’ This section contains such essential texts as the “ABC of Economics” and “What Is Money For?” as well as two essays––“Gold and Work” and ’’A Visiting Card"––translated from Pound’s Italian and never before published in English in their entirety. Much space is devoted, too, to Pound’s evaluation of his native America, its history, culture, and economy, and his 1913 essay, ’’Patria Mia,’’ is reprinted.

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