Wayne Andrews

Wayne Andrews

Wayne Andrews (1913–1987), Archives of American Art Professor at Wayne State University, Michigan, is the author and editor of fifteen books—including Pianos of Sympathy (1936), written under the pseudonym Montague O’Reilly and the very first title published by New Directions. Among his other books is Germain: A Portrait of Madame de Stael.

The Surrealist Parade

Fiction by Wayne Andrews

“The menace of surrealism was so frequently advertised that any reader of this book should be allowed the impudence of demanding my credentials.” So opens Wayne Andrews’s The Surrealist Parade, a portrait of the movement in literature and art by a man who, at the age of nineteen, began to correspond with its major figures and afterward came to know them well. Under the name of Montagu O’Reilly, Andrews wrote the surrealist fiction Pianos of Sympathy (1936), the very first New Directions book.…
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Literature by Wayne Andrews

This is a short biography. Its subject, François Marie Arouet de Voltaire (1694-1778), would not have objected––he was careful to point out that “the surest way of being a bore is to tell everything.” What Wayne Andrews’s Voltaire may lack in laundry lists is made up in wit, learning, and an elegance of style eminently appropriate for an appreciation of a man who was never so ruthless as when eliminating the last trace of dust from his own writing.…
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[Andrews’s] writing is crisp, cool, epigrammatic; the author is lively and opinionated.
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