Vicente Huidobro

Vicente Huidobro

Vicente Garcia-Huidobro Fernandez (1893–1948) left Santiago in his early twenties, arriving in Paris in 1916 where he co-founded the influential Cubist magazine Nord-Sud with Guillaume Apollinaire and Pierre Reverdy. Soon after, he launched his own poetic movement known as Creacionismo and wrote as well, for a score of other avant-garde journals. Author of over forty books—plays, political tracts, novels, manifestos, journalism, and poetry—Huidobro worked with Edgard Varese, Hans Arp, Juan Gris, Robert Delaunay, Jorge Luis Borges, and other important artists of his time.

The Selected Poetry Of Vicente Huidobro

Fiction by Vicente Huidobro

The Selected Poetry of Vicente Huidobro is the first major collection of the great Chilean writer’s work to appear in English. Throughout Latin America and Europe, Huidobro is considered one of the most significant poets of our century and is recognized as one of the seminal figures in modern Spanish-language poetry. Octavio Paz wrote of him: “He is the invisible oxygen of our poetry.” His masterpiece, the epic Altazor (which appears almost entire in this bilingual edition) has been called “one of the most important works of Latin America literature of all time.…
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Huidobro is the invisible oxygen of our poetry.

—Octavio Paz
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