Thalia Field

Thalia Field was born in Chicago in 1966. She attended a lycée in France, and worked at the Theatre des Amandiers in Nanterre and at the Theatre Nationale de Marseilles. She graduated with honors in creative writing from Brown University, winning the first John Hawkes prize in fiction. Two years ago she appeared with Suzan-Lori Parks at the Brooklyn Academy of Music dialogues series on poetry and theater, curated by Mac Wellman. Her teaching includes: Teachers & Writers Collaborative, Theater for a New Audience, and The Institute for Writing and Thinking at Bard. She has taught creative writing as a visiting professor at Brown, Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and is presently on the faculty at Brown University, Providence, RI.

Bird Lovers, Backyard

Poetry by Thalia Field

Bird Lovers, Backyard continues Thalia Field’s interrogation of the act of storytelling and her experimentation with literary genre. Field’s illuminating essays, or stories, in poetic form, place scientists, philosophers, animals, even the military, in real and imagined events. Her open questioning brings in subjects as diverse as pigeons, chat rooms, nuclear testing, the building of the Kennedy Space Center, the development of seaside beaches, Konrad Lorenz, the American author and animal trainer Vicki Hearne, and the Swiss zoologist Heini Hediger.…
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Incarnate: Story Material

Fiction by Thalia Field

Thalia Field’s new book explores the very condition of being incarnate: how, invested with human form, we experience both suffering and ecstasy from childhood to adulthood to death. As with her previous book Point and Line (2000), Incarnate defies categorization: written in a variety of poetic and prose-like forms, it “industriously works the sparsely populated and as yet underdeveloped borderlands between poetry, fiction, theater” (Review of Contemporary Fiction). As Carole Maso says in the American Book Review, Thalia Field is “playful, subversive, and intense.…
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Point And Line

Poetry by Thalia Field

The writings in Thalia Field’s long-awaited new book, Point and Line, wonderfully defy categorization. Perhaps describable as “epic poetries,” they represent a confluence of genres (fiction, theater, and poetry) in which Thalia Field has been involved over the course of her career. Written from a constructivist, post-genre sensibility, eluding classification, Field’s work presents her concerns with clarity in a world that resists it. Some pieces use generative schemes, portraits of mental shapes, which create meaning out of noise.…
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Between the inward tension of the point and the outward push of the line, Thalia Field maps a force field of relations, power games, shifting configurations. In a language both cool and intense, and with a surveyor's precision. But for all the geometries, we are irresistibly pulled towards the center, the emotion which cannot be stated or described, only surrounded, so that the real story happens in the consciousness of the reader.
—Rosmarie Waldrop
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