Rodrigo Rey Rosa

Rodrigo Rey Rosa

Rodrigo Rey Rosa was born in Guatemala in 1958. Not a lot is known about Rey Rosa’s professional life until after he emigrated to New York after finishing his studies in Guatemala. Rey Rosa has based many of his writings and stories on legends and myths that are indigenous to Latin American as well as North Africa. Out of all of his works, there have only been four that have appeared in the English language, which include; The Path Doubles Back, Dust on her Tongue, The Beggar’s Knife, and the New Directions publication of The Good Cripple (translated by Esther Allen). In the early 1980s, Rey Rosa went to Morocco and became a literary protege of American expatriate writer Paul Bowles, who later became on of Rey Rosa’s English translators. When Bowles died in 1999, Rey Rosa became an executor of his literature works.  He currently lives in Guatemala City.

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The Good Cripple

by Rodrigo Rey Rosa

Translated from the Spanish by Esther Allen

An explosive novel from Guatemala’s premiere young writer Rodrigo Rey Rosa, The Good Cripple is obsessively focused and chilling. It is also allegorical––and under the calm surface of Rodrigo Rey Rosa’s lithe style questions about violence, mutilation, and revenge churn darkly away. A young man, Juan Luis Luna, is abducted in Guatemala City and held at the bottom of a rusty, empty underground fuel tank in an abandoned gas station. The kidnappers demand a ransom; his rich father does not reply.…
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A writer of unprecedented originality, of an exigency that removes him from any common standing…Essential and necessary.
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