R. P. Blackmur

Richard Blackmur (1904-1965), a literary critic and poet, grew up in Massachusetts. After high school, he worked at a bookstore and attended lectures at Harvard, although he never enrolled. In 1940, Blackmur began teaching creative writing and literature at Princeton University. He passed away in 1965.

Studies In Henry James

Literature by R. P. Blackmur

Studies in Henry James collects for the first time all the writings by R. P. Blackmur (1904-1965), a pioneer of New Criticism and major literary force of our century, on Henry James (1843-1916), author of such classic novels as The Europeans, The Portrait of a Lady, and The Ambassadors. Blackmur’s “first elated reading” of James in 1921 left the young man “both confident and desperate in the force of art.” In the ensuing years, his approach to James grew warier, yet “the Master” remained for him a singular “haunt and a presence.…
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