Paul Morand

Paul Morand

Paul Morand (1888–1976) graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies and worked as a French diplomat and poet. He is often considered an early Modernist. He passed away in 1976.

Fancy Goods/Open All Night

Fiction by Paul Morand

Translated by Ezra Pound

The reputation of Paul Morand (1888-1976) rests squarely upon his short stories from the 1920s, which introduced a fresh and exuberant style into postwar French letters. Yet in spite of his immense popularity and later prestige (he was elected to the Academie Française in 1968), he has remained largely unknown to English-speaking readers. Ezra Pound, shortly after arriving in Paris in 1920, made contact with Morand and, always ready to champion new and distinct voices, was soon translating his short stories for the British publishers Chapman and Dodd.…
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