Norman Thomas

Norman Thomas was born in 1926 in the Welsh coalmining town of Treforest where, he recalls, “everyday-rain soaked coaldust into everything.” But when he was seven the Thomas family moved to “a lovely seaside place in the curve of the coast—hills and green fields, and all you could expect to find at the end of the narrow country roads was a white farmhouse or country church.”

Ask At The Unicorn

A seacoast, a village, summer in Wales—what are they made of? One day the sea clambers among the rocks like children at play, gulls drift on the air, the ancient houses are inhabited by people in whose lilting speech myths still live. The next day rocks and gnarled trees taunt a black wind, houses are dark with suspicion, the people brandish their poverty, fanaticism, and studied discourtesies. These are not contrasts, but contradictions.…
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