Miroslav Krleža

Miroslav Krleža

Miroslav Krleža (1893–1981) was a Croat and Yugoslav novelist, poet, and essayist. He received many Yugoslavian literary prizes and multiple international awards, including the Heder prize. He has frequently been proclaimed the greatest Croatian writer of the twentieth century.

On the Edge of Reason

Fiction by Miroslav Krleža

Translated by Zora Depolo

During his long and distinguished career, the Croatian writer Miroslav Krleza (1893-1981) battled against many forms of tyranny. In On the Edge of Reason, his protagonist is a middle-aged lawyer whose life and career have been eminently respectable and respected. One evening, at a party attended by the local elite, he inadvertently blurts out an honest thought. From this moment, all hell breaks loose…. On the Edge of Reason reveals the fundamental chasm between conformity and individuality.…
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Krleža is a shrewd observer of man as social animal, and his wry, sardonic style fits cleanly into the Eastern European tradition of bureaucratic satire by the likes of Kafka, Karel Capek and Jaroslav Hasek.
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