Margaret Randall

20th Century American Poet

Portrait of Margaret RandallMargaret Randall

Margaret Randall

Margaret Randall was born in 1936 in New York City. When she was eleven her family moved to New Mexico. She attended the University of New Mexico for one year and then returned to New York where she became heavily involved with the Beat Generation, the Black Mountain poets and the Abstract Expressionists. In 1961, she moved to Mexico City. She spent nine years in Mexico where, with Sergio Mondragón, she co-founded and co-edited a bilingual literary magazine, El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Morn. In 1968, the Mexican student movement and the Oct. 2 massacre at Tlatelolco profoundly changed her life. During 1969, she, her four children, and her companion, Robert Cohen, removed to Cuba where they now live and work. Margaret Randall’s work has appeared in many U.S., Latin American and European magazines. She has published several volumes of poetry: 25 Stages of My Spine, Water I Slip into at Night, So Many Rooms has a House but One Roof. In Cuba, she works for the Book Institute at its Social Sciences Publishing House, for which she recently completed a comprehensive book on Cuban women, La Mujer Cubana Ahora. At present she is preparing a book on American Indians for the Institute.

cover image of the book Part Of The Solution

Part Of The Solution

Part of the Solution: Portrait of a Revolutionary is a searching work, largely autobiographical in nature by the poet, editor, and translator Margaret Randall, once an American citizen, and now living in Cuba. Included in the book are notes from Ms. Randall’s diary (1970-72), detailing her day-to-day life in Cuba, and a retrospective collection of her prose, poetry, and translations written over the past several years, culminating in the fervent “I Am Attica.” There is, in addition a long and intimate introduction by Robert Cohen, her fellow activist and companion, which candidly re-explores the long, often painful journey from middle-class America to revolutionary Cuba.

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