Li Shangyin

Li Shangyin

Li Shangyin (813–858), the last of the great Tang poets, is renowned for his dense and cryptic lyrical imagery.

Derangements of My Contemporaries

by Li Shangyin

Translated from the Classical Chinese by Chloe Garcia Roberts

Ranging from the humorous and scathing to the evocative and strange, this ninthcentury collection of list poems by the late Tang dynasty poet Li Shangyin documents one poet’s scrutiny of his riotous times. Li gives a glimpse into the mundane experiences of the waning years of Chinese poetry’s golden age, while providing an uncanny reflection of the minutiae of our own contemporary lives, loves, and irritations. Besieged by a drunk person, no escape.…
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To read his work is to encounter a classical Chinese lyricism rich with mysterious juxtapositions of the immediate and the imagined.
—Chloe Garcia Roberts
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