Kirsty Gunn

Kirsty Gunn

Kirsty Gunn, born in New Zealand, is the author of several novels and collections of short stories, including the internationally award-winning novel about the Highlands of Scotland and the musical form of piobaireachd The Big Music. She is Research Professor at the University of Dundee and Associate Member of Merton College, Oxford.

Kitchen Music

Poetry by Lesley Harrison

With a contribution by Kirsty Gunn

Cover design by Eileen Bellamy

and the end of the street / is the limit of the world / where the ocean retreats and retreats In her first book-length collection of poems to appear in the US, Lesley Harrison looks north to the sea, with the heat of the land at her back, to bring us meditations on whale hunts and lost children, Manhattan sky towers, and the sound of the gamelan in the Gulf of Bothnia.…
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