Kern Krapohl

Kern Krapohl is a translator of Brazilian literature who lived in Brazil for several years while working on his translation of Ledo Ivo’s Snake’s Nest, and he often consulted the author during the course of the translation.

Snakes’ Nest

by Ledo Ivo

Translated from the Portuguese by Kern Krapohl

Brazilian poet Lêdo Ivo’s Snakes’ Nest is a “tale badly told” in a most artful manner. Part political allegory, the novel explores the nature of good and evil in a provincial port in northeastern Brazil during World War II––all the ills of the repressive dictatorship then in power are reflected in the corrupt and violent society of Maceió. As Ivo says: “During a dictatorship, all narratives are poorly told, since a dictatorship is the Kingdom of Lies and cannot tolerate the truth.…
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