Jonathan Buckley

An award-winning writer and editor

Portrait of Jonathan BuckleyMary McGouran

Jonathan Buckley

Jonathan Buckley is a writer and editor from the West Midlands, now living in Brighton. In 2015 he won the BBC National Short Story Award for “Briar Road,” and he is a regular contributor to the Times Literary Supplement. Tell is his twelfth novel.

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Jonathan Buckley’s Tell is a probing, exuberant and complex examination of the ways in which we make stories of our lives and of other people’s. Structured as a series of interview transcripts with a woman who worked as a gardener for a wealthy businessman and art collector who has disappeared, and may or may not have committed suicide, it is a thrilling novel of strange, intoxicating immediacy.

Calling his work “captivating,” John Banville has asked: “Why isn’t Jonathan Buckley better known?"

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